The Chef

Hello! I’m Giuseppe Piruzza. I am a professional chef, current owner of The Chef’s Table. I have spent most of my 22 year career working in nine countries for a number of culinary establishments and in a variety of capacities, including hotels and resorts with Hilton International in Japan, Hong Kong, Egypt, Israel and Dubai.

My techniques and styles are heavily influenced by Italian and Mediterranean cuisines, but I take a lot of inspiration from the food and flavors I have been exposed to during my travels.

In addition to my culinary expertise, I am an espresso and limoncello addict and I love all things beautiful. I’m a papa to my little dog Piccola, a confessed fruit lover, and a passionate foodie. I have a new found passion for the outdoors enjoying every minute of it – when I’m not in the kitchen of course. I love a glass of good wine and good food especially in the company of interesting people.

During my culinary career as a chef I was fortunate enough to have a job that gave me the opportunity to work and travel allowing me to see the world. I wasn’t about to turn down what lay in front of me. So I embarked on a journey taking me from Europe to Southeast Asia and onto the far Middle East.

Wow imagine that – travel and get paid for doing what you love most, not to mention meeting and working with the some of the coolest people, the diversity, learning about new cultures, and gaining a greater love for the world as the days and years passed. 

How often have you hosted a dinner party and instead of having fun you were exhausted by the time the last guests left?

Don’t waste time standing in grocery store line-ups, cooking and preparing the meal. Let me, your personal chef, take care of all the dinner details including the shopping, cooking, and serving. I can also suggest wine pairings with each course. This will leave you more time to spend with your guests and enjoy their company.

How It Works

On the day of your event, I will arrive 1-2 hours (depending on the menu) prior to your expected guests arrival time at your home with all the necessary ingredients and cooking utensils for preparing your menu. Arriving guests are greeted to a chilled flute of bubbly Prosecco kicking off the evening as a pre-dinner informal course served standing while mingling. Giuseppe introduces us to a few attractively showcased butler passed Hors D’ oeuvres or displayed charcuterie board with an array of selected cured meats, aged cheeses, fruits, Persian tree nuts & accompaniments … described as the “best part of the meal,”… food that creates an atmosphere of fun and friendship prior to being seated at the table.

I’ve learned and done so much in numerous kitchens during my forays abroad, I decided that I could also share these experiences with you and showcase some of my favorite recipes which I will soon feature in my cookbook.

Giuseppe Piruzza