Made For Each Other – Meat and Fruit

You might not automatically consider meat and fruit to be perfect flavor companions, but if you recall classical dishes as pork and apples, turkey and cranberries, ham and pineapple and duck al ’orange. These familiar meat and fruit pairings are just the tip of the culinary iceberg. Fruit and meats can create magic together with meat, from poultry, to game meats.

When you think about it, meats and fruit are natural partners. Fruit juices have been used in meat marinades for years since the acid in fruits acts as a natural tenderizer.  Cooking is all about combining flavors. One of the fun things about cooking is that you often end up with combinations of ingredients and flavors that don’t seem to go together – or at least, they don’t seem like they should go together.

Often, this will lead to recipes that sound really strange on paper and taste amazing when you actually try them.

Fruit and meat is one example of this.

The combination of fruit and meat is surprisingly controversial. A lot of people actually find the idea of using both in the same dish unappealing, especially when it comes to the more unusual pairings of fruit and meat.

I will feature recipes that’ll have you thinking differently!

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