For The Seafoodies!

Fresh fish and fruit recipes for the season, oh yea you’ll get them here for all you seafood lovers out there including me. I will bring you what’s freshest from the Oceans, Lakes and Seas on the fish mongers table, displayed on ice along with fresh daily local catches. There’s no reason not to eat fish and fruit together. It all basically comes down to an individual’s taste. Generally speaking the majority of fruits are sweet, but there are some that are tangy or even sour, when pairing them properly they become such a prize.

From appetizers to mains the options are seemingly endlesswhen looking for delicious seafood and fruit pairings.

Citrus is in! What’s not to love about pairing oranges, limes, tangerines, lemons with fish! Citrus fruits are often used in cooking to “brighten” flavors and work well to counter many of the briny flavors present in seafood. This is why citrus and fish can go so well together. The salt and the acid balance each other while doing a little flavor dance on the palate.

When we squeeze citrus onto our fish platters, you are setting up a reaction that neutralizes the fishiness, thus greatly improving the taste of the fish.

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